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Stop worrying about connectivity:
Server offline?
No Internet available?
→ No problem, you can always continue collecting data using your Android device. The app will automatically sync data later.

Data Gathering

Perfect solution for mystery shopping projects or interviewing people at any location using a tablet or smartphone. You can even take photos on location or use our bar code scanning feature.


Lock your device so it can be used for surveys only. Useful for collecting feedback at restaurants, service centers, exhibitions. No Internet connection required.

Offline Surveys Screenshots

Available Offline Surveys Features


Built on top of LimeSurvey
LimeSurvey (released in 2003) is the most popular Open Source survey tool and downloaded 10 000 times each months. It helps you designing surveys in more than 80 different languages and using nearly 30 different question types. LimeSurvey offers superior survey features and can be used for various data collection tasks.

Android multimedia questions

Android multimedia questions
Use the power of your Android device to the max by taking photos, recording voice notes, reading barcodes, storing locations on a map and displaying picture and text menus during survey taking. Check all available Android multimedia questions and examples.

Secure and independent

Secure and independent
Do not depend on others! We are the only app that stores responses on your own server, using free open-source technologies.
You don't have one? We can also host Limesurveyfor you. Just drop us a note.

Email responses

Email responses or surveys
Export responses to a CSV file and email them to anyone e.g. for checking data quality.

Free Version Available

Free version available
(No registration required, no hidden costs)

Add unlimited surveys, use unlimited questions, collect unlimited responses, use all available Limesurvey and Android multimedia question types ... for free!

Developed according to your needs

Developed according to your needs
No monthly fees! You need an app for a single project only? ...or for 50 tablets? ...or for just 2 weeks? ...or for all of this?
No problem, we will create a fairly priced custom version for you, just drop us a note.

Automatic Sync

Response Sync (Pro Version)
If you don't want to worry about data synchronization simply let the app automatically send responses to your LimeSurvey system once Internet is available.

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode (Pro Version)
If your device shouldn't be used for browsing Facebook or playing games you can lock it with a password.

Getting Started


Get it on Google Play


Make yourself comfortable - browse the example surveys included


Create your own survey and port it to Offline Surveys


Buy activation code to upgrade you LimeSurvey domain to PRO:
✔ Remove "Sync Responses" free limit (20 responses)
✔ Remove "Lock Survey" & "Lock App" free limit (10 responses)

License is automatically applied to:
- Unlimited Devices
- Unlimited Surveys (All surveys under this domain)
- Unlimited Responses

Contact sales to get your activation code right now
Price Monthly Cost
1 Month 59 € 59 €
3 Months 149 € ~49 €
6 Months 249 € ~42 €
1 Year 469 € ~39 €

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  • Need a license? Please send an email to our sales team explaining your requirements and how you plan to use the app. Please also include your (company's) address.
  • Got a question? We have prepared a list of Frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you can't find the answers to your questions there please check the Support Forums.
  • Still can't find a solution? Our Support Team can help you (usually replies within 24h.)