Sync Responses

[Documentation based on Version 1.23]

The Sync responses feature will upload your results to your LimeSurvey system - including files. At the customized PRO version of Offline Surveys this happens automatically once Internet is available so you don't need to take care of syncing responses yourself.


  • The LimeSurvey JSON-RPC API has to be activated (check "4- Enable the LimeSurvey JSON RPC API" at this tutorial).
  • You have to enter your LimeSurvey admin login details (see #3 below).
  • An FTP account has to be set up if you also want to transfer uploaded files or image/audio files of the special Android multimedia questions
    • The FTP account has to point to folder folder  limesurvey_root_folder/upload/surveys
    • Required connection details: Server/host URL, FTP user name and password (Note that the app uses default FTP port 21 for connecting to the server.)

1 - Click "Sync" (under Manage Responses)

2 - Click "Activate Sync"

3 - Enter required connection details

At the form shown below you have to enter your LimeSurvey login details (user name and password).
The system will only ask for FTP connection details if the current survey uses the file upload question or certain Android multimedia questions (voice notes or photos).