Current limitations

[Documentation based on Version 1.29]

LimeSurvey Feature Explanation and Workarounds
Random answer order and random order for questions /groups using LimeSurvey randomization groups Since OfflineSurveys surveys use a static HTML page it will not randomize the order of items anymore.
This will be adressed in future release.
Assessments LimeSurvey’s assessment feature calculates results server side after responses have been submitted and then shows the related assessment messages at the final “Thank you”-screen. When running a survey offline you can’t let the webserver do any calculations so this will have to be done within the survey. For this the LimeSurvey Expression Manager can be used. This feature allows to do calculations at survey runtime and even store the calculated results (which the default LimeSurvey assessment feature does not) and dynamically show certain texts based on calculated values or previous responses, see this example.
Quotas  Quotas require checking details at the response table. Since the central database is located on the server, this is not doable when running surveys offline.
Switch survey language at survey runtime  Disabled.
This will be addressed in future release.
for more info please read “Running multilingual surveys with OfflineSurveys”.
Welcome screen/Thank you note To cache a survey for OfflineSurveys the survey has to be shown on a single page without displaying a welcome or thank you page during caching. If you want to display a welcome or thank you page at an OfflineSurveys survey all you need to do as adding a single group at the beginning/end of the survey and placing a question of type Text Display with your welcome/thank you text.
At your online version of the LimeSurvey survey you can hide such questions by setting “Always hide this question” to Yes at the advanced question settings.
Empty Responses OfflineSurveys leaves an empty response every time it

  • Caches a survey (it loads the survey page exactly like a browser would)
  • Sync Setup (Test LimeSurvey’s remote_control api by adding an empty response)
Time Limit  Disabled by default in All-in-one formats


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